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Permaculture is more
than pretty landscaping

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Mountain View
Forest Path


Food Forests 

Garden Soil

Land Reclamation 

Fauna and Animal Systems


Water Catchment Systems 

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Community Development 

Waste Management

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

Renewable Energy 


Risk Management

Pollinator & Medicinal Guilds


Element & Resource Management


Herb Plants

Permaculture also utilizes mapping systems to take into consideration contour lines, water systems, elements and access routes, which continually provide detailed scopes for my clients. My previous certifications in herbalism, plant medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, provide a solid foundation for identifying plants and trees and further to that, specific needs for clients and their properties. 

Permaculture is Design Science.

It is ultimately how all living systems interact with each other, including us! It carries values, ethics, science, personal responsibility for Earth Care, and ethical responsibility for ourselves, our actions and our children’s future. We do not simply exist in this world, we are an integral part of each other and this earth. As a result of my continual need to explore this passion, I now get to work with clients all over North America both in person and remotely. It has been an honour to help them bring their dreams into reality and see them become active members of their own ecosystems.

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