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Collaborators & Affiliates


Kurt Stenberg

Regenerative Arborist

General or collaborative inquiry: @kurtthearborist

Tree Planting Alliance:




Kurt Stenberg is a Regenerative Arborist from Alberta, Canada. Kurt recently founded ATMOS TREE, a regenerative tree replacement alliance for arborists and other industries looking to offset their environmental impacts. The 2:1 TREE RECYCLE program plants two trees per removal arborists perform. Kurt focuses on planting trees in areas needed most around the world where we can share the benefits as a global community. Kurt also has passion and certification in permaculture which heavily influences how he operates his tree company, Cochrane Tree Care.  Permaculture influence also steers the direction of ATMOS TREE to include collaborative, biodiverse, social, and economic benefits for everyone involved with ATMOSTREE. 


Kurt is a leader within the arboriculture industry and pushes the limits of status quo not only through collaborations but also instructs with Arboriculture Canada. Beyond teaching in person, Kurt is also creator and host of the Arborist Blueprint Podcast "Climbing the Tree of Life", which offers inspirational insights into running a conscious business, regenerative practice, personal development, and leadership. 

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Graham Towerton

Permaculture Designer and Consultant

General or collaborative inquiry:

Graham was born in Australia and lived there until moving to the US in 2001 and now lives in Michigan. A student and practitioner of permaculture since the early 1980's, Graham opted for a career in chemical engineering thinking that permaculture would not be a viable career at the time. In 2021 during COVID, Graham completed his Permaculture Design Certificate course with Geoff Lawton's Discover Permaculture and then retired from engineering in July 2022. He is a designer, consultant, installer and sales manager on contract to other companies, as well as for his own firm Permaculture Adventures of Michigan and as a collaborative partner in The Permaculture Hub.


Cynthia Acebo

Permaculture Designer and Consultant

General or collaborative inquiry:

Native to Texas, USA, Cynthia Acebo embraces nature in her gardening, designing and life. Music was her first love but as she developed her career in live sound and technology, she felt called back to nature. Answering the call, she became a certified permaculture designer and now seeks to help others rewild themselves and find peace and purpose in the garden.


Cynthia currently owns her own Permaculture design company and a conscious marketing company. She also does contract work for Food Forest Abundance and works with a Collaborative Permaculture project.


Jenn MacAusland

Permaculture Designer and Consultant
Plant medicine and Herbalism

General or collaborative inquiry:

Hailing from the East Coast of Canada, Jenn settled in Calgary, Alberta Canada for the last 15 years and more recently on a small acreage in Water Valley, AB in 2023. A varied background as a Health Practitioner, filled with Nutrition, plant medicine, herbalism and TCM, Jenn felt called to expand her background in Permaculture by completing Geoff Lawton’s PDC in 2021, and again in 2022 with Verge Permaculture. Complementary courses in water management, orchard systems and pasture management have also been completed. 


With an emphasis on Native Plants/Trees, Plant medicine and good Pasture management systems, Jenn utilizes her strengths by supporting students in understanding and implementing these aspects as a collective symbiotic permaculture partnership.


Currently Jenn runs Serendipity Permaculture based out of Water Valley, AB and is a  founder and collaborator with The Permaculture HUB and a Collaborative partner with Permaculture Canada


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